The Reason Why Some Can Charge More

Value-based customer experiences boost customer loyalty and willingness to pay.

We partner with professional service firms to increase profitability and customer value through value-based pricing.

We call our approach to boosting customer loyalty and increasing profitability value-based customer experience design.

With our unique blend of marketing, customer experience, and value-based pricing strategies, we empower our clients to place their customers at the forefront of their business.

We partner with our clients to jointly create peerless customer experiences and pricing strategies that strengthen customer relationships, elevate customer loyalty, and drive increased willingness to pay.

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Over the years Leancept has worked with clients in many different industries and increased their customer satisfaction and optimized their pricing through workshops, training and coaching.

Leancept was founded to help professional service firms create more customer value, increase profitability and become more competitive.

Our design method and model, which we call Value-based Customer Experience Design, is based on the insight that price is related to experienced value - experiences that can be designed.

We partner with you in designing unique and customized customer experiences with empathy combined with effective positioning and differentiation. This puts you in the position to be a company that clients actively seek out and stay with.

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Questions we help you answer


How do we make our service or product more customer-oriented?


More customer value through improved customer experience

Buying decisions are based on gut feelings. Despite this, few companies actively work on developing how the company is perceived at all stages of the business relationship. A memorable customer experience helps companies be perceived as premium and increases customers' willingness to pay.


How can we stand out from the crowd?


Higher pricing power with positioning and differentiation

The most common trap founders fall into is wanting to offer everything to everyone. Many do not want to niche themselves and their offering. The consequence is that they are not perceived as competent, relevant or credible. Through smart positioning and differentiation, you avoid being easily forgotten as just another one in the crowd.


How much should we charge?


Increasing profitability through value-based pricing

Many companies sell services based on costs such as time spent. This makes it harder to focus on the customer or the problems you solve with your expertise. Value-based pricing is based on the value the company creates for the customer.

"Working with Jakob was inspiring. We perceive him as a kind of Renaissance person with deep knowledge within a wide range of areas. He used this knowledge in an inspiring way that opened up our thoughts and discussions."

Anna and Marika, SEB

"Jakob is excellent! His expertise in UX as well as software development management is unique. Both deep as well as broad. As a person he lacks prestige, is solution-oriented and engaged, which influences his colleagues and those around him."

Mats, KPA

"Jakob has inspired the team and helped them improve their ways of working. His energy and expertise coupled with his desire to inspire others to grow and improve have resulted in several team learning initiatives."


"Jakob is like a management consultant but doesn't use Excel as much as methods from UX, service design and design thinking.

Filip, SEB

"A nice flow of the presentation, valuable info, super organized sources and amazing paper and book recommendations."

"As a CEO of a company that is often struggling with assisting clients in understanding what they really need from the IT product, which subsequently brings a lot of struggles to the development team, I really found your workshop an eye-opener. Thank you."

"Amazing [workshop] with great interactions and highly applicable substance."

"Your workshop was particularly insightful and has equipped us with practical skills that we are excited to implement."

"Thanks a lot for your session and knowledge sharing. We definitely learned new interesting things."


I'm Leancept's founder, Jakob Persson, and I have over 20 years of experience in digital business, from writing for some of Sweden's leading IT magazines to co-founding an international digital agency.

In recent years, as a consultant and business developer, I have helped companies in a wide range of industries face the problem of declining customer loyalty by investing in the customer experience – digital and analog.

In my work, I apply methods and practices from the design of customer experiences (CX design), products (product design) and services (service design) to pricing and strategy.

With empathy for the customer and a starting point in the customer's perspective, the foundation is laid for lifelong customer relationships, premium experience and good-will that creates new customers on reference.

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