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We are a consultancy that specializes in providing software and design firms with the tools and knowledge needed to boost client loyalty by creating and capturing client value. Our goal is to help create more win-win deals so you can build a business with healthy margins, meaningful work and the right clients

We are convinced that by focusing on creating stellar client value, firms can build lasting customer loyalty and gain pricing power.

At Leancept, we believe that clients are at the heart of any successful consulting business. We know that every company is different, so we offer customized services to help each client reach their goals. Our team is dedicated to giving personalized service, helping clients stand out from competitors, and creating unique value for them.

Founded by a former agency owner and experienced consultant, we are well acquainted with the challenges faced by consulting companies. We know that every company is unique, which is why our services are tailored to your goals and situation.

Our Values

  • Knowledge. Curiosity is a way of life for us. Along with that comes our drive to share what we know. We share our knowledge through our articles on this website, webinars and by speaking at conferences and events.

  • Helpfulness. We put a high value on being able to serve others with our expertise and abilities. We value every opportunity to be helpful.

  • Integrity. Our company is based on a strong ethical foundation of doing the right thing, and doing it well. Trust is the most important currency we have. We are also determined to contribute to leaving the world better than we found it. For that reason, we are committed to only collaborating with companies whose products and services do not harm people and which prioritize the preservation of the world's shared resources.

  • Care. Even in business, everyone is an individual. Our clients aren't just "companies" to us. Those who have entrusted us to help address their company's issues are people, and we want to relate to them as humans-to-humans.

Our Mission

Our goal is to share knowledge, provide training in effective methods, and offer services that help service companies improve their customer focus, enhance their ability to create customer value, and improve their pricing strategies.

Our Vision

A world with more win-win deals that benefit both parties, and where buyers and sellers work together to maximize the mutual gain of every transaction.

About our Founder

Leancept was created by Jakob Persson, a seasoned professional with more than twenty years of experience in software development, customer experience, and IT project management. He is a passionate entrepreneur who has achieved success as a founder of an award-winning agency and as a consultant.

Jakob co-founded a digital agency that quickly grew from a small team of seven people to a thriving company with 70 employees within three years. Under his and his co-founders' leadership, the agency established a strong presence in the Nordic countries and became a pioneer in open source publishing tools.

Among others, the agency received the prestigious Supergasell award as Sweden's fastest growing company. The agency has had the privilege of working with world-renowned brands such as IKEA and Ericsson, which further strengthened its reputation as a leader in the Nordics and internationally.

A keynote speaker at conferences around the world. He has published research on managing IT for business outcomes. Jakob contributes regularly to blogs on topics such as value-based pricing, customer experience, sales, marketing, positioning, and differentiation.

He holds two university diplomas and is an organizer of meetups for freelancers and agencies. His mission is to help people build strong companies that are capable of delivering true value to their customers.

You can read more about Jakob on his website.

Leancept is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but has clients worldwide. We have websites in English and Swedish.

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