Niche Expertise – Being the Obvious Choice

The most common trap businesses fall into is wanting to offer their services to everyone. The consequence is that they are not perceived as competent, relevant or credible.

  • Do potential clients fail to see what you claim makes you unique?

  • Do people keep comparing you with other firms who you think are nothing at all like you?

  • Do you lack a clear idea of a market or problem that you address?

Positioning is another term for narrowing down a firm's market focus. It results in you becoming known for a specific expertise or domain and cements you as a leader in that niche. Positioning is about defining what you, your firm or product represents and who it is meant for. Positioning is essential to distinguish a firm from its competitors. Clients will seek you out because of your unique expertise and insights.

Positioning also helps you offer more value to clients by using your experience in solving problems and facing challenges in a specific market niche.

Understanding your clients allows you to customize your brand to appeal to your target audience, boosting your credibility and expertise.

How to Become the Obvious Choice

Really well-positioned brands are spontaneously associated with a particular service or product. Think "soft drink" and Coca-Cola comes to mind. As a smaller player, you can also position yourself by associating yourself with a more specific niche. The challenge is to find that niche and be able to credibly demonstrate your expertise in that specific area.

What We Offer

  • Help with positioning professional service firms

  • Developing marketing strategies for professional service firms

  • Enhancing the brands of professional service firms

Leancept can help you increase your prices by finding and developing your unique niche, and also by supporting your branding and marketing efforts.

We make your business stand out from competitors by effectively positioning and marketing it, making you invaluable to customers.

  1. Target audience analysis. We interview your existing and potential clients to understand the problems they face and the solutions they are looking for. This can be combined with our customer experience design services.

  2. Market analysis. Unlike pure marketing specialists, we are not so much interested in what competitors say they do, but what they actually do and how clients experience it. We therefore conduct market analysis in several ways. This may involve interviewing people with experience of your competitors, reading reviews, seeking expert opinions or conducting workshops with you to gather your overall knowledge of the market.

  3. Identify potential distinctive advantages. Based on the market analysis, we identify a number of potential and unique advantages that you possess, or can relatively easily develop.

  4. Define a positioning message. The main purpose of a concise positioning message is not outward marketing but to help you make decisions in line with your chosen positioning. It can be seen as a kind of guideline and compass when struggling with decisions. The message should be effective and concise and communicated to everyone in the company, especially those who work closely with customers. Done right, positioning becomes part of the company's culture and how employees view themselves and the purpose of their work.

  5. Develop branding and marketing strategies. We’re a no-fluff company – marketing should be simple and actionable. We don’t courier you a strategy book with an impressive page count and call it a day. Our strategies are about what you need to do, and we work with you or your team to develop action plans based on them.

  6. Implement and communicate. It is important that the brand and all communication to customers and the market are in line with the positioning.

Work with us to stand out in the market, raise your prices, and improve your profitability.

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