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The BDA Model Interview Template Worksheet

Template with questions, examples and a blank page you can fill in yourself to conduct a before-during-after interview.

Download the worksheet


Tactics that Build Trust

Get the Tactics that Build Trust deck.

A set of slides from our webinar on trust-building.


  • Professional services and credence goods – what you need to know

  • How credence goods are sold

  • The role of trust in selling

  • How to become trustworthy

  • Key tactics to build trust

  • The buyer's journey in professional services

  • How the marketing funnel applies to professional services

  • Why it's crucially important to expand your network

  • 8 action points to build more trust and get more clients

Download it here.

Staying Relevant, Discovering Unmet Client Needs and Innovating New Services

Get the Staying Relevant, Discovering Unmet Client Needs and Innovating New Services Deck.

A set of slides from our webinar on staying relevant and innovating new services.


  • Your deliverables will only let you through the door – you need to do MORE.

  • Achieving proactivity, consistency and tuning into the needs of your clients.

  • How to avoid complacency – building the right habits and asking the right questions.

  • The smile curve and understanding what clients value the most – it might not be what you think.

  • The Before-During-After model and how it can be used to discover unmet needs and create exceptional client value.

  • How to talk to clients to learn about their unmet needs.

  • Best practices and tools.

  • The do's of discovering unmet client needs and innovating new services to meet those needs.

Download it here.

Value-Based Pricing: How to Stop Charging for Time Deck

Get the Value-Based Pricing: How to Stop Charging for Time Deck

A set of slides from our webinar on value-based pricing and how to stop using hourly billing.


  • What a value-based price is and what it isn't.

  • Why use value-based pricing: to become a better consultant.

  • The virtuous circle of client value focus.

  • Value-capture with value-based pricing vs cost-plus pricing.

  • 6 more reasons why you should use value-based pricing.

  • The factors that determine your ability to use value-based pricing.

  • Why some firms can use value-based pricing and others can't.

  • 7 challenges when adopting value-based pricing.

  • Why getting recommended does wonders for your ability to use value-based pricing

  • Positioning and differentiation and value-based pricing.

  • 4 types of buyers: price, convenience, value and relationship.

  • Questions that guide sales conversations to be about value.

  • Your biggest challenge: belief.

  • Starting with value-based pricing in 4 steps.

  • Leveraging your brand and value-based pricing through productized services.

  • 4 types of productized services.

  • Productize yourself with retainers.

  • The do's of value-based pricing.

Download it here.

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