Productization – Scale Your Business and Earn Revenue When You Sleep

You can improve quality and speed up delivery by turning your popular services into products. This way you can provide the same value but spend less time and effort.

Productizing your consulting services is essential for transforming your business into a successful company that doesn't consume all your time and deplete your energy and motivation. The benefit of turning services into products is that it allows a professional services firm to scale. It allows you to package a knowledge good and sell it to many clients, many times, but only doing the work once.

Some ways to productize services:

  • Create online courses that allow you to package knowledge and sell it at scale.

  • Write books and articles which also help position you as a niche authority.

  • Create subscription communities for individuals who want access to you and peers to learn from.

  • Offer live events and sell tickets.

  • Sell exclusive and premium-priced 1:1 coaching programs.

What We Offer

Productization starts with understanding what value you offer and what the market demands at scale. We help you turn your services into products by studying the market and finding unfulfilled needs. Then, we work together to develop productized versions of your services that meet those needs. We prefer to use workshops to bring the best ideas together, create alignment and make headway fast.

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