Client Experience – They'll Never Forget How You Made Them Feel

Create unwavering customer loyalty by consistently delivering exceptional client experiences.

  • Do you want to be perceived as a company that is not like any other?

  • Is it on your wish list for customers to recommend you to others because of your great service?

  • Do you want to remain competitive even in tough times?

The foundation of a successful business is knowing and valuing its clients and customers. Companies that build strong relationships with their customers and clients often have repeat business because their clients have a positive experience working with them. Not only that, it also makes clients more likely to stick with you in tough times when you might even have to raise your prices.

There is a famous quote that captures this:

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."

What We Offer

  • Strategy

  • Research and Analysis

  • Client Experience Design

  • Implementation Support

We work in close partnership with you to create a client experience at such a level that it becomes one of the main reasons why customers keep coming back.

  1. We start by documenting your objectives and desired outcoms. Together with you, we clarify what you want to achieve and define key customer experience metrics for these outcomes. We like to work in a workshop format for this.

  2. Once the objectives are identified, we determine the level of ambition. We do this through an activity we call scoping. Based on the previous discussion, we make a number of assumptions about where we need to focus our efforts. We develop a plan and set a budget.

  3. We carry out the plan and the activities it includes. This may include more workshops, interviews with customers and surveys.

  4. We analyze the findings to find patterns and draw conclusions. Sometimes it turns out that we have learned a lot, but it is still likely to be worth going deeper to learn even more.

  5. The analysis leads to an action plan with recommended actions. With this in hand, you can start implementing the changes that will improve the customer experience.

  6. We are happy to support the implementation of the changes.

  7. Monitoring the effects and key figures. Have we achieved what we wanted? If not – why?

Client Experiences and Client Journeys

One of the most discerning and effective ways to understand how buyers and clients experience working with you is by considering the buyer's or client's journey. This term refers to the steps or actions a buyer or client takes over time as they interact with you or your business.

It's worthwhile to try to shape the journey. We know that client journeys are perceived as overwhelmingly positive strengthen client relationships, elevate customer loyalty, and drive increased pricing power and willingness to pay.

That said, we can never "design" a client's journey. The client journey is merely a metaphor to think about how someone finds out about you or works with you. What happens over the course of the relationship between you and the client isn't something we can control or predict.

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